Quinn Cooks Private Chef Services

Quinn Cook’s Exclusive In-Home Chef And Personal Concierge Delivery Service

Quinn Cooks is ecstatic to offer our exclusive in-home private chef and personal concierge services. With the support of our exclusive chef driven team, Quinn Cooks offers the highest quality of standards and service in our industry.


Quinn Cooks is proud to offer the best in-home chef services available in south Florida. Our personal chefs are all specially selected from the top of their individual culinary specialties, with each chef bringing their own unique flavors and special techniques to your table. Unlike other personal chef services you are not hiring just one chef, you are hiring the entire Quinn Cooks Personal Chef team!  By working with Quinn Cooks you receive unparalleled services that other individual chefs can’t offer including:

Access to chefs with masterful culinary backgrounds including Michelin starred restaurants, high end private chefs, corporate head chefs, and country club executive chefs both locally and internationally

Options to temporarily or permanently change chefs for special events or personal culinary preferences

Access to Quinn Cooks, chef backed, dietary recommendations and nutritional knowledge

Streamlined personal food shopping, preparation, cooking and cleanup

Special pricing on Quinn Cooks online store, and exclusive shopping options through your personal chef

Full staffing and special pricing on large events, parties, and catering events

Our team of culinary professionals enjoy working with you to offer the best quality locally sourced dishes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our chefs will correspond with you, either in person or via email, to deliver a planned menu for review on a weekly basis to ensure quality, satisfaction, and an unrivaled experience in the comfort of your own home.




Quinn Cook’s culinary team is excited to offer our Personal Concierge Delivery Services!  Circumstances such as price, daily availability, or space restrictions mean having a private chef isn’t a viable option for everyone, and Quinn Cooks Personal Concierge Delivery Service is the best available alternative on the market for those looking for an in home personal chef experience without the expense of a private chef.

Quinn Cooks chef lead team has decades of professional culinary experience in top restaurants across the united states and Europe, and that experience translates directly to you and your mouth. The Quinn Cooks Personal Concierge Team works hard to create a choice of Prixe Fixe menus for you to choose from each week based on your personalized dietary and nutritional needs, flavor preferences, and preferred frequency. Our Personal Concierge Team prepares all food in our professional kitchen and delivers fully prepared meals with detailed reheating instructions directly to your door at a frequency of your choosing. Quinn Cooks Personal Concierge Team  looks forward to preparing your next meal!