About QC

About Quinn Cooks

My name is Quinn and i love to cook. i am a professional (and i use that term lightly) chef with 10 years of kitchen experience. I grew up around amazing fresh foods and decided i wanted to know everything about food, and in my education I’ve had the privilege of working with chefs of all calibers from local kitchens that became community staples, to Michelin chefs with mind blowing techniques. And while i still don’t know everything i have learned some incredible skills that i want to  share with everyone who loves food as much as i do!

Quinn Cooks is a blog for anyone who loves food! we believe anyone can cook, and everyone should enjoy great food at home.

Our recipes have a little bit of everything for everyone, from the novice who’s still learning the basics to a culinary enthusiast who has all the nicest toys, all our recipes have the exact ingredients, measurements, and explanations to get anyone cooking like a chef  in their own kitchen!