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Welcome to Quinn Cooks, a culinary hub made for those who love food by those who love food! At QC we have something for everyone; from videos & recipes for the adventurous chef, Fundamentals & techniques for the budding home cook, and even healthy meals & recipe substitution for restricted diets.

Alongside our database of recipes and videos QC also boasts an ever growing online store, offering FREE local delivery & FREE shipping* so you can enjoy our chef inspired recipes without the mess!

QC really has something for everyone, so welcome, stay as long as you'd like, and most importantly, enjoy!

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Gourmet Cookie

Gourmet Cookies

Quinn Cooks Gourmet Cookies are some of our favorite
products, not to mention our most popular! Our team is
proud to say we offer one of the best cookies available,
why? because Quinn Cooks standards and quality
checks start before any of our ingredients are even
purchased. All Quinn Cooks Gourmet Cookies are made
with flour containing 9% protein (or gluten). In our testing,
cookies made with 7-8% gluten flour were over soft and
unpleasant from the low levels of protein, while cookies made
with 10-11% gluten flour were too solid, dry, and brittle.
Quinn Cooks 9% protein flour is the perfect balance for
our cookies, allowing just enough protein to hold the
shape and lets the cookies gently caramelize on the
outside while still staying soft, chewy, and gooey in the
center. Our team takes the same testing and attention to
detail to every ingredient in our cookies to make sure we
sell the best cookies every batch, every time!

But don't just listen to us,
enjoy Quinn Cooks Gourmet Cookies yourself!
Cake Batter Muffins


Quinn Cooks is proud to present our
Cake Batter muffins! The first recipe the
Quinn Cooks team sat down and
perfected, our light and fluffy Cake
Batter muffins will have you wishing you
had just one more. When it comes to
muffins and other “quick breads”, the
least gluten development possible the
better, so we take extra care to never
overwork our batter, so our muffins
always stay tender and fluffy. Our team
takes this a step further and uses flour
containing only 7-8% gluten to ensure
that our muffins have just enough
protein to rise and hold shape, but not
enough to cause tunneling during the
baking process. Our team does not stop
our attention to details with our flours,
we meticulously watch every step of the
muffin preparation process to make sure
very batch of muffins come out
consistent and up to our professional standards. Our team
follows a strict method of preparation to ensure no leavening
reaction happens early, no muffin is over mixed, and every
muffin has a perfect crust and a soft cake canter!

We know you will enjoy these Cake Batter Muffins just as
much as we like to make them!
Homestyle Pie


Quinn Cooks Home style Pies brings the best of the south straight to
your door. Our Home style Pies are not from any culinary school
textbook, half-baked cookbook, or some other food blog.
Our recipes have been passed down directly from Quinn's
grandmother, who learned them as a young girl on the family farm
deep in the Kentucky hollers. During our teams testing process with
these family recipes, we decide not to make any adjustments for a few
reasons. Firstly, over the decades all the hands who have touched
these recipes, have made the small adjustments and tweaks that give
our pies a unique and delicious flavor. Secondly and most importantly,
these recipes were not made for restaurants or bakery's but for family,
friends, and good memories and we want to keep that experience
alive and pass some of it on to you! And while we cannot bring you
those summer dusk's down by the creek, or picnics in the bluegrass
meadows, we can bring you our home style pies.

So, take a minute, and come with us and enjoy the little things!
Hearth Breads

Fresh bread

Quinn Cooks is ecstatic to present our handmade
old-world Hearth Breads! Our Hearth Breads are the
products of old-world recipes, made with modern
culinary techniques and understandings combined
to make the ultimate loaf. We start our breads by
checking the protein quality of our flour, the most
important part of any hearth bread, Quinn Cooks
only uses 12% protein (gluten) flour in our loaves.
In our testing we found flour with too much protein
can significantly increase the nitrogen fertilization
during the proofing phase, leaving the finished
product with a brittle crust and huge pores and
holes inside the loaf. The Quinn Cooks team relies
on decades of professional culinary experience to
monitor every detail of our loaves, details like the
presence of polymeric and monomeric protein in
different flours and how to mix those flours to
maximize large and small gluten polymers that help
our dough keep the right shape and the perfect
consistency. Our team also meticulously monitors
other key factors like Propper gluten development,
proofing times, yeast management, conversion of
sugars to alcohols, and co2 levels within the dough.
After all the conditions are perfect, we bake our
handmade loaves using steam, quarry rocks, and
the right variations in heat and humidity levels to
replicate an old-world clay hearth oven.

Quinn Cooks Hearth Breads are the best old-world style
loaves we can offer, scroll down, and try it yourself!

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